London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon

London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon

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H. Forman & Son, England

London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon

This Grade One London Cure Sliced Smoked Salmon is not only mouthwatering, but also delicately hand-sliced to make it easier to prepare. Our friends at H. Forman & Son catch this fresh wild Scottish salmon from the Scotland waters, clean and trim it by hand to preserve the firm meat, salt it with fresh rock salt, then hang to dry and smoke. The traditional smoking method is used with oak logs, giving it a subtle yet powerful flavor palette. The natural buttery flavor of the wild salmon is stunningly preserved with this technique, leaving you wishing you had more!

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Weight: 16 oz.
Fridge: 14 days
Freezer: Freeze on the day of delivery for up to three months.