Mousse of Duck Foie Gras with Truffles

Truffle Mousse of Duck Foie Gras



Truffle Mousse of Duck Foie Gras  

Truffle Mousse of Duck Foie Gras is a perfect hors d’oeuvre! Foie gras and truffles are perfect companions, both equally decadent. The smooth and creamy duck foie gras is whipped up with duck fat and Armagnac wine, then studded with aromatic black truffles. Serve it chilled, paired with French bread, brioche or just simply atop toast. Perhaps enjoy the mousse with some garnish of cornichons, a dash of sea salt, a touch of Dijon mustard, or a sweet jam or chutney. The options are unlimited!

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*We are unable to ship this product to California addresses due to the California Foie Gras law (section 25982 of the CA Health and Safety Code).

Weight: 11.2 oz / 320 G
Ingredients: duck foie gras, duck fat, water, whole liquid eggs, truffle, Armagnac, Porto, salt, sugar, white pepper, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.
Contains: Eggs
Origin: Canada/France
Fridge: Refrigerate after opening
Duck foie gras mousse is ideal for the preparation of canapés and bite-size hors d’oeuvres.