Salmon Coho roe

Salmon Coho Roe


Salmon Coho Roe

Coho Salmon caviar comes from the Coho Salmon subspecies. It is commonly referred to as Silver Salmon throughout the world. The Coho caviar may be a larger grain Salmon Roe compared to alternative salmon caviars. Coho Salmon is caught throughout the Pacific Ocean, particularly in Alaska. There aren’t as many fisheries that raise this roe as there used to be, and as a result of this there’s continually a limited amount of Coho Salmon product offered on the market. After you purchase Coho Salmon caviar on-line it’ll arrive in a frozen state so as to ensure quality.

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Ingredients: Salmon roe, sea salt
Contains: Fish
Origin: Wild, Usa/Canada
Species: Oncorhynchus Kisutch
Fridge: 2 weeks. Consume once opened.
Freezer: 6 months
Store: 28-32 F°/-2-0 C°
CITES for Export: Required