Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar

Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar

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Kaluga Fusion Amber Caviar

Kaluga Fusion Amber caviar is one of our absolute best sellers. This hybrid caviar is derived from the Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon (Huso dauricus and Aciepenser schrenkii, respectively)  teases the senses with a subtle, buttery composure from its large, firm beads. Both Kaluga and Amur sturgeon are farmed on a location in China near the base of the Amur River, the origin point of these beautiful fishes.

This combination was born when Kaluga Caviar was forbidden for exports to the US. This particular variation of the ever-popular Kaluga Fusion Amber caviar will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds and is the best substitute for the original Kaluga Caviar.

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Ingredients: Sturgeon roe, sea salt
Contains: Fish
Origin: Farm raised, China
Species: Huso Dauricus X Acipenser Schrencki
Fridge: 4 to 6 weeks. Consume once opened.
Store: 28-32 F°/-2-0 C°
CITES for Export: Required
Best accompanied with Champagne and other sparkling wines, and served with blinis and crème fraîche. Recommended serving size is 1-2 oz per person.