Truffles and Oils

Truffles and OilsPopularly known as the diamond of the kitchen, truffles are highly prized foods which are actually fruiting bodies of Ascomycete fungus. While they are found in close association with roots of trees, the international cooking scene looks at it with admiration because of the dramatic changes it can do to different food dishes.

On the other hand, truffle oil is a cheaper alternative to infuse the aroma and flavour of truffle in foods. This is available all throughout the season and has relatively fixed price which makes it popular among chefs. Buy Truffles and Oils from Pelican Provisions today and get inside the cooking scene!

In using truffle oils for various recipes, it is sprinkled over a dish just before serving to facilitate its aroma reaching the peak. It can be added on different recipes of fish, lobsters, poultry, risotto, vegetables, and steak.

Making truffle oils requires precision and optimum safety because recent health concerns like botulism can spread from the oil if certain conditions were not strictly monitored. Truffles are chopped into small pieces. These chopped pieces are mixed into the oil and stored in sterile jars under cool and dark environment. Sterile jar is shaken daily for one week to maintain and enhance the oil’s taste and aroma, and eventually make an average dish a spectacular experience.

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