Foie Gras

Foie grasConsidered as the gem of family dinners during holidays, foie gras (Fr. “fatty liver”) is a luxury gourmet dish from fattened liver of ducks and geese that is popular to many people across different parts of the world. You too can savor its rich and buttery taste every day because it can be ordered online now!

Foie gras plays a huge part in the identity of French cuisine. Currently, the two largest producers of foie gras are France and Hungary. While considered to be one of the “gastronomical” heritages of French cuisine, it is recorded that Egyptians have discovered the technique of fattening the liver of birds in as early as 2500 BC. However, the use of it for consumption is still undetermined that time. On the other hand, it was the Romans who considered foie gras as a food. They called foie gras as iecur fecatum which can be roughly translated as fig-stuffed liver.

There are three foie gras presentations. These include: 1) foie gras entire, which is the whole foie gras composed of 1-2 liver lobes; 2) foie gras, which is composed of reassembled liver pieces; and 3) bloc de foie gras, which is the one that is fully-cooked block of more than 98% of foie gras. Foie gras can be served either cold or hot, and is usually flavoured with truffle and cognac. Its raw form can be cured in salt.

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