charcuterieAs if pork products are not delectable enough, here comes charcuterie (Fr. “cooked flesh”), a culinary specialty that takes pride in giving birth to flavours of meat products that tickle the tongue primarily through the preservation processes that these products undergo. Food products like ham, salami, prosciutto, and sausages are just some of the most common meat products that are processed to perfection. Have a taste of this kitchen genius by ordering them online from us!

With evidence of written laws about regulation of pork joints, it is believed that Romans were the first people to participate in charcuterie trade. French were believed to have contributions too, although little has been known about this. People who prepared charcuterie are called charcutiers which can roughly be translated using the English language as pork butcher.

It is interesting to remember that charcuterie was initially meant for preserving food. Some of most commonly employed methods of charcuterie include salting, cooking, smoking, and drying. These methods were utilized to make sure food products have longer shelf-lives.

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