caviarCaviar is one of the oldest and most legendary delicacies in all of recorded history. You can trace its roots all the way back to the Roman Empire, and just as it was then, today it is regarded as one of the finest foods money can buy. What’s amazing is, today, you can buy caviar online!

True caviar would be described as the salted roe, or egg of a variety of different sturgeon. In other words, it is a fish egg that has been lightly salted. There are a number of different types of sturgeon in the world, with three main types of classifications: the Beluga, which is the largest of the three, the Osetra and finally, the Sevruga. There are also other types of roe available to consumers such as Salmon roe, Paddlefish roe, etc., but these are not technically true caviar.

After the sturgeon has been harvested, the eggs are carefully removed, examined, and finally, salted. From here, they must undergo a curing period of at least 2 weeks before they can be sold. This process remains relatively unchanged since the early days of caviar consumption, and it has long been known to produce incredible results, no matter the type of sturgeon you choose.

People from different countries and cultures all of the world have been enjoying the finest caviar for hundreds and hundreds of years, and for good reason. There is absolutely no other food on the planet that provides the same flavor profile as caviar; it is in a class of its own.

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