About PelicanCaviar.com

Black CaviarHere at PelicanCaviar.com (Pelican Market Group, LLC) our métier is in the finest gourmet foods including the world’s best sturgeon caviar, duck foie gras, black and white truffles, organic olive oil, smoked salmon and Belgian chocolate. If you seek a five-star gift for your client, spouse or special someone, we have an assemblage worthy of your time. We sell our products online, as well as at special events, to best serve your busy schedule. Our customers range from five-star restaurants to catering companies and retail stores. We also cater to online customers and our loyal following of VIP clientele.

Start with our luxurious and genuine sturgeon caviar and salmon roe, which originate from the most reputable and sustainable fisheries from around the globe. As a leading purveyor in the world’s best caviar, PelicanCaviar.com makes the conscious choice to supply you with caviar from ethical sources. When you buy caviar from us you help to support the hard work of recovering and sustaining highly endangered in the wild species of sturgeons.

Our customers have a discriminating taste that demands we offer only the freshest and highest quality of fish products sold anywhere. Our suppliers are fellow advocates of environmental responsibility. They have invested extensively into the ecological methods of humane breeding of farm-raised beluga and sturgeon.

Searching for an extraordinary gift for a momentous occasion? Whether you need a last minute anniversary gift for a beloved couple, or you are planning the perfect birthday surprise for your spouse, PelicanCaviar.com is ready to help you make someone’s dream come true. In addition to our superior selection of caviar, we also sell the world’s diamonds of the kitchen, black truffles from France. Give the gift of the black diamond, a jar of truffles that signifies your passion and love for the finer things in life, including that of your relationships. Include truffles and smoked fish for a birthday present to a best friend or long time associate for a gift that will speak volumes of your friendship.

Going to a wedding this weekend and need a gift that highlights the importance of this special occasion? Here at PelicanCaviar.com our array of ready-made gifts are highly suited for weddings and anniversaries alike. From our picnic gift basket featuring the stellar purebred, acorn-fed, free-range Iberian ham, to our top of the line Belgium chocolates collection from the prestigious Les Coupes de Leonidas, we offer only the best, for the best. We also sell a premium selection of gourmet foods that includes duck legs confit, limited edition olive oils, and accoutrements to accompany your purchase of caviar.

Our reputation for excellency is matched by the proof of our manufacturers to ensure we sell only the highest quality products made by all-natural ingredients. We give you our guarantee that your purchases of gourmet foods including caviar, chocolates, foie gras, truffles and smoked fish will arrive in superb condition. If you have any questions whatsoever our professional Customer Care experts at PelicanCaviar.com are on call to answer your questions and address any concerns regarding our products and service.